Legislative Goals

Regulating Assault Weapons

House Bill 5300 – Sponsored by Rep. Knight
Senate Bill 0379 – Sponsored by Sen. Miller

Today’s assault weapons inflict battlefield injuries – no surprise, since the AR-15 was developed for the military and was field tested in Vietnam in 1962; reports indicated that “the very high-velocity AR-15 projectiles” had caused amputation of limbs, massive body wounds, and decapitations.

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Percentage of Rhode Islanders Supporting Assault Weapon Regulation 

Safe Firearm Storage

House Bill 5434 – Sponsored by Rep. Caldwell
Senate Bill 0321 – Sponsored by Sen. Lauria

Everyday guns are stolen, unintentionally discharged, and used in suicide. Holding gun owners accountable for the safe storage of their firearms is a smart public safey policy that will impact gun owners minimally and help prevent gun violence within homes and throughout our communities.

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Percentage of Rhode Islanders Who Favor Holding Gun Owners Liable When Their Guns are Used in Crimes

Limiting Magazine Capacity to 10 Rounds – Passed in 2022

House Bill 6614 – Sponsored by Rep. Caldwell
Senate Bill 2653 – Sponsored by Sen. Coyne

The weapon of choice for mass shooters and cop killers, RI should join with our neighbors and other like-minded states that regulate the capacity of ammunition magazines.

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Percentage of Rhode Islanders Support a 10 Round Magazine Limit 

No Long Guns in Public – Passed in 2022

House Bill 7358 – Sponsored by Rep. Felix
Senate Bill 2825 – Sponsored by Majority Leader McCaffrey

There is no good reason to allow citizens to openly carry loaded rifles and assault weapons, especially given the extreme rise in white supremacist and anti-semitic incidents happening in Rhode Island.

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21+ to Purchase Guns and Ammo – Passed in 2022

House Bill 7457 – Sponsored by Rep. Tanzi
Senate Bill 2367 – Sponsored by Sen. Goodwin

Young adults are at an elevated risk of attempting suicide and engaging in violent behaviors because key parts of the brain responsible for impulse control, judgement, and long-term planning are not fully developed. 

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It’s About Public Safety

While the gun lobby likes to say that these laws would only take away rights from “law-abiding citizens,” the fact is that decreasing the number of highly-lethal firearms enhances the safety of all Rhode Islanders.

Help Fight the Pro-Gun Lobby at the State House

CGVPRI supporters demand votes on gun safety bills, June 2021 at RI State House

Fact-Based Policies

These legislative goals are based on documentary evidence and recent studies that show these measures reduce gun violence; in addition, public health experts and law enforcement officials in Rhode Island and throughout the country have voiced their support for these reforms to help keep our communities safer.

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