Demand a Vote for
The Safe Schools Act

Don’t let the GUN LOBBY determine which gun laws get passed.

“Interjecting a gun in a school would be a recipe for a disaster.”

– Col. James Manni
Superintentant of RI State Police

Only 5 States Allow Unregulated Concealed Carry in K-12 Schools

The Safe Schools Act would provide that only peace officers and persons approved by the school authorities for the purposes of educational instruction may carry firearms on school grounds.

Overwhelming Support from Public Safety and Education Professionals

The Rhode Island State Police and the Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association support this legislation.

Our law enforcement officials know that ONLY trained police and peace officers should be armed in schools, due to the extreme risks inherent in hostage and high-stress “shoot/don’t shoot” situations.

Police officers receive this training. Peace officers receive this training (and are retested annually to reaffirm their proficiency).

Concealed carry permit holders do not receive specialized training and are not subject to yearly retesting.

Rhode Island’s largest civic, leadership, and educational organizations also support The Safe Schools Act, including:

  • R.I. School Superintendents Assoc.
  • R.I. Assoc. of School Principals
  • R.I. Assoc. of School Committees
  • RI Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals
  • Learning First Alliance/Rhode Island
  • Governor Gina Raimondo
  • RI Attorney General’s Office

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