Teachers, Coaches, and More Routinely Bring Concealed Weapons onto School Grounds Even Though They are Not Permitted

March 2019, Glenwood Middle School, WV
A substitute teacher was arrested after telling another staff member that he had a gun in his briefcase. A loaded handgun with a round in the chamber was he teacher was arrested for posession of a deadly weapon on school property. No shots were fired or injuries reported.

March 2019, School counselor is found to have a loaded handgun in her purse, MO
While being booked for having sexual contact with a student a loaded handgun in her purse; unlawful use of a weapon was included in the charges.

January 2019, A.W. Watson Elementary School, MS
A loaded gun was found in a restroom on a weekend day; no students were on campus.

October 2018, Central Middle School, MO
Substitute teacher's gun was stolen by two students; the teacher didn't notice the gun was missing until after school ended. Guns on campus is prohibited except by law enforcement or approved district security officers; disciplinary or legal charges were being contemplated by police. 

October 2018, Bartlett High School, IL
Volunteer football coach arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited area. The gun dropped out of the coach's backpack during pregame warmups.