2020 RI Statewide Poll on Gun Safety and Gun Violence Prevention

71.5% Favor Limiting Magazines to 10 Rounds

Breakdown by party:
85.1% Democrat
68.6% Independent
60.2% Republican

By a 2 to 1 Margin

Rhode Islanders said they were more likely to vote for a candidate who favors limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

19 of the 20 deadliest shootings in the last decade have included the use of large capacity magazines.
Almost all occured in minutes, with shooters firing dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of bullets. 

70.5% Favor Banning Assault Weapons

Breakdown by Party:
86.3% Democrat
71.3% Independent
51.1% Republican


63% Said owning an assault weapon for the home is unnecessary

Rhode Islanders are Largely Unaware that Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York Have Already Enacted These Bans:

70.5% Unaware

of Large Capacity Magazine Bans in MA, CT, NY

66% Unaware

of Assault Weapon Bans in MA, CT, NY

Overwheming Support for Licensing and Registration

  • 80.7% favor shotgun and rifle licensing (not currently required)
  • 77.2% favor shotgun and rifle registration (not currently required)
  • 88.3% favor continuing of handgun licensing
  • 76.8% favor handgun registration (not currently required)

Large Marjorities Favor Gun Owner Responsbility

  • 92% favor requiring owners to report stolen guns
  • 74.8% favor holding gun owners liable when their guns are used in crimes

2 to 1 Favor More School Counselors

  • In a trade-off for tax dollars, 53.8% support investing in mental health and emotional support counseling in K-12 public schools

Less Than 20% of Rhode Islanders Own a Firearm




Rifle or Shotgun


Assault Weapon

Poll included 600 completed surveys with residents of RI, 18 years or older, from March 1-11, 2020. Associated margin for error of +/- 4.0% at a 95% confidence level. Poll conducted by the Center for Research for Public Policy, Inc. CRPP has been conducting public opinion polling, nationally and statewide, on gun safety/violence issues since 1979. They manage the polling institutes at 8 major colleges and universities nationwide. More about CRPP at www.crpp.com.

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