Magazine Capacity


Rhode Islanders in favor of 10 rounds magazine limit.

Source: 2020 RI Statewide Poll on Gun Safety and Gun Violence Prevention

This act would criminalize the manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale or transfer of any ammunition feeding device capable of accepting more than ten (10) rounds. Certain exemptions apply, such as for police officers and other officially recognized and sanctioned persons.

We are out of step with our neighbors and other like-minded states that regulate large capacity magazines:

  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Vermont
  • D. C.
  • Maryland
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii (for use with handguns only)
71.5 percent of RI residents support limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds

Criminal Use of Assault Weapons and High Capacity Semiautomatic Firearms

  • Assault weapons and other high-capacity semiautomatics together generally account for 22 to 36% of crime guns, with some estimates upwards of 40% for cases involving serious violence  including murders of police.
  • Assault weapons and other high-capacity semiautomatics appear to be used in a higher share of firearm mass murders (up to 57% in total).
  • Trend analyses also indicate that high-capacity semiautomatics have grown from 33 to 112% as a share of crime guns since the expiration of the federal ban – a trend that has coincided with recent growth in shootings nationwide.
Criminal Use of Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Semiautomatic Firearms_ an Updated Examination of Local and National Sources, Journal of Urban Health.2-01-01

The Weapon of Choice for Mass Shooters

15 of the 20 deadliest shootings in the last decade have included the use of large capacity magazines.

>> Almost all occured in minutes, with shooters firing dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of bullets.

Large capacity magazines are the accessory of choice for mass killers

RI State Law Limits the Rounds Used in Hunting Deer and Ducks

There is NO LIMIT for Weapons Used to Kill People


limit of rounds for hunting deer in R.I.



limit of rounds for hunting ducks in R.I.



limit of rounds for firearms in R.I.


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