RICAGV Press Release

Ghost Gun Bill Passes Senate Judiciary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

CONTACT: Kat Kerwin, Director of Communications

Providence, Rhode Island (May 28, 2019)– The Senate Judiciary Committee voted this evening on a bill that seeks to prohibit the manufacturing, sale, transfer and possession of guns that may be made online with a 3D printer using a computer file. The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence is thankful to bill sponsors, Senator Coyne, Chairwoman Lynch-Prata, Chairman Miller, Chairman Conley, and Senator Seveney who have lead the charge on this important initiative.

“3D” or “ghost guns” are so harmful because they can be printed using the same plastic used to make legos and are undetectable, meaning they contain no serial number which can be used to easily trace a crime back to a terrorist, domestic abusers and felons.

“As we struggle to fight the gun epidemic in this country and make it more difficult for children, criminals, and the mentally ill, to possess firearms, 3D printed guns would suddenly make it easier for everyone, worldwide to do just that.” said bill sponsor, Senator Cindy Coyne. “Anyone with internet access and a 3D printer would be able to make weapons that are undetectable-and since they have no serial numbers, untraceable. That is why I introduced this bill to make our communities safer.”

“The Coalition is optimistic that the legislature is taking the very real issue of domestic terrorism and gun violence seriously.” said RICAGV President Linda Finn. “Passing common sense gun laws, like this one does not impact currently law abiding citizens, but rather they are constitutional measures that strengthen current laws and allow our citizens a chance to live in a safer Rhode Island.”

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence urges the House Judiciary Committee to follow the Senate’s lead and pass this measure.

RICAGV Board Member attends White House event

RICAGV Board Member attends White House event

RICAGV Board member Diana Garlington, special guest at the White House for the President’s announcement of the first ever federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

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Lobby Day 2023

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