RICAGV Endorses

Rep. Kathy Fogarty for House District 35

RICAGV Endorses Rep. Kathy Fogarty 2020

Elected in 2014, Rep. Fogarty has served her district well. She was a co-sponsor and champion of The Protect Rhode Island Families Act, which restricts possession of guns to misdemeanants of domestic violence crimes and abusers with protective orders, as well as co-sponsoring and supporting many other sensible gun safety initiatives.

Rep. Fogarty is not afraid to stand up to the status quo and fights every day for her community. Her sponsorship and advocacy was instrumental in the passage of legislation prohibiting the use of cellphones while driving. 

She co-sponsored the “Healthy and Safe Families and Workplace Act,” which requires businesses with 18 employees or more to provide paid sick days.

She has also sponsored numerous bills to prevent animal cruelty, benefit small businesses and bills to protect the environment.