In the 18 incidents that included Large Capacity Magazines (LCMs), 371 were killed and 715 were wounded, with hundreds more suffering non-gunshot injuries. Almost all of these massacres occurred in minutes, with shooters firing dozens and, often times, hundreds of bullets. 12 incidents included militiary-style assault weapons. 

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More People are Killed When LCMs are Used

This data is backed up by a 2019 study entitled “The Effect of Large Capacity Magazine Bans on High-Fatality Mass Shootings, 1990-2017,” published in the American Journal of Public Health. Their analysis provides answers to important questions:

  • How often are LCMs used in high-fatality mass shootings?  LCMs were used in 64% of high-fatality mass shootings between 1990 and 2017.
  • Are more people killed when LCMs are used? Yes – 11.8% were killed when LCMs were used vs. 7.3% when LCMs were not used.
  • Do states with LCM bans experience fewer mass shootings and lower fatalities than states with no bans? Yes.

71.5% of Rhode Islanders Favor a 10-Round Magazine Limit

Source: 2020 RI Statewide Poll on Gun Safety and Gun Violence Prevention

20 Deadliest Mass Shootings Since 2000

KilledInjuredCityStYearWeaponGun SourceDetails
58413Las VegasNV2017LCM, AWLegally PurchasedThe deadliest shooting in U.S. history, shooter targeted concertgoers, firing over 1,000 rounds in the 10-minute attack; at least 100 more suffered non-gunshot injuries.
4953OrlandoFL2016LCM, AWLegally PurchasedSecond deadliest shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history, gunman supported ISIS and was targeting LGBT people; 8 additional non-gunshot injuries; over 200 rounds were fired.
281NewtownCT2012LCM, AWLegally PurchasedYoung man with long history of mental illness uses mother's unsecured guns to kill her, then attacks a local elementary school where he murders 20 first-graders and 6 adults.
2520Sutherland SpringsTX2017LCM, AWLegally PurchasedShooter fired 700 rounds in a 11-attack on the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.
2323El PasoTX2019LCM, AWLegally PurchasedAnti-Hispanic, anti-immigrant hate crime at Walmart.
2118UvaldeTX2022LCM, AWLegally Purchased18-year-old with history of violent rhetoric on social media kills 19 elementary schoolers and 2 teachers; injuries 18 others including his grandmother.
1717ParklandFL2018LCM, AWLegally PurchasedFormer student attacks classmates and teachers at Stoneman-Douglas High School.
1422San BernardinoCA2015LCM, AWLegally PurchasedTerrorist attack at a holiday office party, among injured were two police officers.
134Virginia BeachVA2019LCMLegally PurchasedCity worker attacks municipal building, victims include co-workers, strangers and a police officer.
1330Fort HoodTX2009LCMLegally PurchasedThe deadliest shooting on an American military base.
134BinghamtonNY2009LCMLegally PurchasedThe shooter fired 99 rounds in an attack on a community organization which lasted 3 minutes.
121Thousand OaksCA2018LCMLegally PurchasedCollege bar shooting included death of the responding officer; 10 additional non-gunshot injuries.
1258AuroraCO2012LCM, AWLegally PurchasedShooter attacked a late-night movie showing; 12 additional non-shot injuries.
128Washington DCDC2013No LCMUnknownSecond deadliest shooting on an American military base. Washington Navy Yard contractor, former Navy with honorable discharge with ties to Rhode Island, had previous arrests and mental health issues.
116PittsburghPA2018LCM, AWLegally PurchasedHate crime targeting a synagogue; several Holocaust survivors included.
103BuffaloNY2022LCM, AWLegally PurchasedWhite supremacist hate crime against Black Americans; 18-year-old shooter intended to attack another location, a shotgun and another rifle were found in his car.
102BoulderCO2021LCMLegally PurchasedShooter attacked victims in parking lot and grocery store; police officer included in deaths.
102San JoseCA2021LCMLegally PurchasedWorkplace shooting, shooter targeted victims.
1017DaytonOH2019LCM, AWLegally Purchased26 shot in 32 seconds in attack outside of a bar; 10 additional non-gunshot injuries
1013Sante FeTX2018No LCMLegally PurchasedSante Fe High School student, used guns that were legally owned by his father; police officer wounded.