2018 Year in Review

Dec 31, 2018

An amazingly diverse group of Rhode Islanders joined together in the fight for common-sense gun safety reform this year.

Thanks to volunteers like you RICAGV organized, rallied, testified, knocked on doors for candidates and had a great year of growth and advocacy for gun safety.

Our election work included endorsing 69 candidates at the federal level, state level, and municipal levels. Additionally, we made a significant investment in 11 races; of these 11 races, 10 of our candidates were elected, many in close races where our support brought them to victory.

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As a result of our advocacy in the Rhode Island General Assembly there is now a majority of lawmakers in both chambers to support common sense gun safety policy, with 40 confirmed supporters in the House and 23 in the Senate.

The General Assembly also passed the Red Flag Bill–a common sense gun safety bill that allows law enforcement to disarm people who are ruled to be a threat to themselves or others.

The groundswell of public support and subsequent lack of action in the House prompted Governor Raimondo to take executive and procedural action to ban all guns on K-12 pubic schools and school grounds, except those carried by law enforcement officers.

Youth Coalition

Our Coalition also made big gains in youth organizing. Following the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the organizing led by the youth impacted in Florida, youth across Rhode Island began reaching out to us to join our collective battle for gun violence prevention. This appetite from RI youth led us to see the need to begin a youth engagement campaign. In 2018 we worked closely with: 

  • Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence
  • Providence Student Union
  • Young Voices
  • One Gun Gone

Celebrating 5 Years of Grassroots Action

RICAGV celebrated this grassroots action at our 5th Annual Fundraiser at the Casino at Roger Williams Park in October. We were so proud to acknowledge the efforts of several outstanding Rhode Island individuals and organizations that went above and beyond to help reduce gun violence and push for sensible gun safety reform:

  • Father Raymond Malm
  • Artist Boris Bally
  • Student Activists Grace Reed and Taiwo Demola
  • Cranston Action Network

We believe that our Coalition is stronger than ever with the power that has positioned us as a leading grassroots organization, one that many candidates seek out for endorsements.

We also feel we have begun to shift the needle on gun violence policy toward a greater understanding of the need for change and common sense reform while engaging youth, legislators, and community organizers alike.

We could not have built this power without your continued support. 

Help Us Break the Gun Lobby's Grip on Lawmakers

RICAGV will host a lobby day every Wednesday during the 2019 legislative session (or until sensible reforms are passed).

Abbreviated List of RICAGV 2018 Organizing and Awareness Efforts

  • December – Sandy Hook Vigil
  • December – Counselors Not Cops: Rethink School Safety
  • October – Center for Reconciliation Panel on the Second Amendment
  • October – 5th Annual RICAGV Fundraiser
  • Aug-Sep-Oct – Electing Gun Safety Champions in 2018
  • September – Rally for Gun Safety Champion Gina Raimondo with Joe Biden
  • July – Youth Power Rally + Party
  • July – RICAGV Thank You Party
  • July – Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act Press Conference
  • June – Lobby Day for Safe Schools
  • June – Door Knocking in D15
  • June – I Am a Student Not a Target Demonstration
  • June – RI Democratic Party Platform Meeting
  • June – Red Flag Bill Signing
  • May – Lobby Day for Gun Safety Reform
  • May – Guns to Plowshares Press Conference
  • May – RI Democratic Party Platform Meeting
  • April – Committee Hearings – House of Representatives
  • April – Gov. Raimondo’s Gun Safety Working Group Convenes
  • April – Digital Day of Action in Remembrance of Columbia High School Tragedy
  • April – Door Knocking in D15
  • April – Gun Safety and Non-Violence Presentation
  • April – Lobby Day for Gun Safety Reform
  • March – March for Our Lives RI
  • March – RI Democratic Party Platform Meeting
  • March – Never Again Rally and Press Conference Advocating for the Safe Schools Act of 2018
  • March – Committee Hearings – Senate
  • March – DANGERR Design Competition for Gun Safety Legislation and Education
  • February – Press Conference in Support of Assault Weapon Ban and High Capacity Magazine Ban Bill Introductions
  • February – Safe Schools Act Bill Introduced
  • January – Women’s March Providence
  • January – Martin Luther King Vigil