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Youth Power Rally Empowers Student Activists to Organize and Vote

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, August 14, 2018

CONTACT: Kat Kerwin, Director of Communications

Providence, Rhode Island August 14, 2018

Youth activists representing Young Voices, Providence Student Union, and One Gun Gone gathered on the State House lawn this afternoon for a rally to end gun violence in their communities, on their streets, and in schools across the nation.

The rally, led by Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence Youth committee activists brought together hundreds of youth who spoke of the need to address gun violence with both legislative change and intersectional discussions about urban violence.

“Sometimes when people get shot it is close to where I live. All I am saying is I have seen and heard enough to make be here and give a speech about how I am traumatized because of gun violence even though I am just 14,” said Angelina Williams, a student leader with Providence Student Union. “I am here to tell you that just because I am kid, doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced traumatizing moments from gun violence. I live in Chad Brown and if you know Chad Brown, you know people wave guns like it is their flag.”

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence Youth Committee plans to continue building power, not just with rallies, but with grassroots electoral work for change that will benefit all Rhode Island youth.

YES! RI: Youth Empower Strategy for Gun Violence Prevention is a coalition of young people in Rhode Island taking action to create real change in our schools and communities.

Photos and video courtesy of Steve Alquist, Uprise RI

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