Police acknowledge that this incident is not uncommon:

“We’ve confiscated up to double that [amount] in similar situations,” according to Rochester Police Officer Sgt. Nathan Valente.

Keith Hovan, of Rochester, MA, has taken a leave of absence as CEO of Southcoast Hospitals Group after being charged with illegally possessing 83 high capacity magazines and an ammo drum. Hovan’s concealed carry permit has been suspended.

Police originally arrested Hovan on November 6, 2021 when they were responding to a 911 call from his minor daughter that her parents were arguing; he was charged with domestic assault and battery. While at the police station Hovan told police there were about 25 firearms at his home and an estimated 5,000 rounds of ammunition, none owned illegally.

Contrary to Hovan’s statement to police, dozens of semi-automatic pistols and rifles, long guns, shotguns and boxes filled with ammunition were recovered:

  • 50 firearms
  • 19,514 rounds of ammunitions
  • 83 illegal high-capacity magazines, including a 100-round drum

Update on Assault and Battery Charge

A Dec. 20 bench trial has been set for Keith Hovan, the president and CEO of Southcoast Health, on assault and battery charges.

Hovan attended the proceedings, which were held at Wareham District Court, via Zoom. The CEO waived his right to a trial by jury and instead opted for a bench proceeding, a trial heard and decided by a judge alone.

Rochester Police issued a summons for Hovan to appear in court on 83 charges of illegal possession of magazines. It is unclear where those charges stand in the court system.