RICAGV Board member Diana Garlington, special guest at the White House for the President’s announcement of the first federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

On Friday, September 15, I received an invitation from the Social Secretary in the White House requesting my presence from President Joseph Biden for remarks on a historic first federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention. In December of 2020, collaborating as a stakeholder with the Biden/Harris transition team, I conversed with Amber Goodwin (Gun Groups Lead, Biden-Harris Transition Team, 2020-2021) in regards to an initiative I founded in collaboration with Moms Demand Action called Safer Communities For Justice.  This is the following statement made: 

Thank you for allowing me to join your transition team call yesterday. Gun violence resolution has been an imperative mission for me since losing my daughter in 2011.

I wanted to make sure that there will be strategic planning as to how we can pursue accountability with our legislators, Governors, and Mayors in providing safer environments for our communities of color.

Rhode Island has approximately 130 Unsolved Murders and I have addressed this as a community health issue for well over 9 years now without success.

I am including the link to my Safer Communities for Justice Campaign to give you a better understanding of what I am fighting for, and would love to discuss further in depth.

I look forward to working with you on such critical and important policy implementation.”


RICAGV Board member Diana Garlington at the White House.

It was expressed that my direct invitation was requested due to my decade of advocacy for not just losing Esscence, but the fight for others. The mere fact that the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act was heeded and implemented ignites my drive and passion to continue the fight in ending gun violence. Having the new office will help in implementation of President Biden’s executive orders within the Act.

You Can Help Prevent Gun Violence in Rhode Island: