Thank you to EVERYONE who attended our March Organizational Meeting this week, our first in-person Organizational Meeting since March 4, 2020! We had a GREAT TURNOUT of activists who are eager to advocate for an assault weapons ban and safe storage! Click Here to read bills.

We are proud that in the 3 years since that March 2020 meeting, we have collectively passed SIX gun violence prevention bills. YOU are part of this powerful movement for positive change, helping to make our communities and families safer from gun violence.

Thank you to Michael Kraemer who presented about the 2nd Amendment. Click Here to see a summary of his presentation. 

Thanks as well to Juan Carter (a RICAGV Board Member), who presented about Giffords, and Tony Morettini, who presented about Moms Demand Action, both of which represent active partnering organizations which focus on gun violence prevention.