What’s Next?

The General Assembly recessed for the year without voting on any gun legislation. We’re extremely disappointed and frustrated, especially with the House leadership, all of whom RICAGV endorsed during the 2022 election cycle. This is not ok and we will make sure they hear about it next year!

The House did create a “Legislative Study Commission to Evaluate and Provide Recommendations on Mandated Safety Protocols for Rhode Island Schools”. This 20-member Commission is tasked with meeting and providing a report to the House by February 28, 2024. We feel fairly certain that the report will find intruder safety lockdowns are traumatizing our kids! And we know that the way to stop them is to BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS!

We will share with you when the Commission meetings are held and hope you will attend to share your input and remind the House that we demand a real solution!

Your Advocacy Matters!

Despite this extremely disappointing outcome, your work MADE A DIFFERENCE! THANK YOU, for each and every phone call, email, trip to the state house, written and verbal testimony. The legislators saw you, heard your voice, and know this is an issue Rhode Islanders care about and want action on! 

As you can see from these pictures, you packed rooms, lined the halls, rallied, chanted and lobbied tirelessly! In fact, the lobby day this year was the largest we’ve ever had!


This wasn’t our year, but WE WILL KEEP UP THE FIGHT until gun violence prevention laws are passed!

With deep gratitude,

Sydney and the RICAGV Board