Governor Gina Raimondo signed into law The Protect Rhode Island Families Act, which strengthens and improves laws already in place.

The new law bars all domestic abusers in RI from buying or possessing firearms. In addition, these domestic abusers are required to relinquish their firearms to appropriate law enforcement within 24 hours, and attest to this fact in court along with proper receipt of gun surrender.

The law now bars access to firearms when an individual is:

  • Convicted of a crime involving the use, or attempted use, of force against a family or household member
  • Convicted of a crime involving a dangerous weapon
  • Convicted of a crime involving cyberharrassment or cyberstalking
  • The subject of a final protective order (restraining order)

Rhode Island becomes the seventh state this year to pass legislation disarming domestic violence offenders. RICAGV worked with partners throughough the 2017 session to expand a law to strengthen law enforecement’s ability to protect victims and their families.

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