FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, November 4, 2020

CONTACT: Linda Finn, Executive Director, (401) 258-6851

RICAGV Congratulates Endorsed Candidates in 2020 General Election 

Providence, RI – November 4, 2020 – Gun Violence was a core issue in many Rhode Island races up and down the ballot. The RICAGV is proud to announce that endorsed candidates, Senator Jack Reed, Congressman Jim Langevin, Congressman David Cicilline and Central Falls Mayor Maria Riviera all won their races handily.

95% of the RICAGV endorsed candidates in the RI House and Senate prevailed:

  • 37 of the 40 candidates in the RI House; seven beat NRA-endorsed opponents
  • 22 of 23 candidates in the RI Senate; four beat NRA-endorsed opponents

We congratulate all of our candidates on winning and know that these numbers represent the growing support for reforms to change our gun laws to make Rhode Island a safer community.

We look forward to working with new leadership in the RI House and to working with all of our newly elected candidates.

RI House

Edie Ajello, House District 1
Chris Blazejewski, House District 2
Nathan Biah, House District 3
Rebecca Kislak, House District 4
Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, House District 5
Ray Hull, House District 6
David Morales, House District 7
John Lombardi, House District 8
Anastasia Williams, House District 9
Scott Slater, House District 10
Grace Diaz, House District 11
Jose Batista, House District 12
Brandon Potter, House District 16*
Art Handy, House District 18
Joseph McNamara, House District 19
Pat Serpa, House District 27
Justine Caldwell, House District 30*
Julie Casimiro, House District 31
Robert Craven, House District 32
Carol Hagan McEntee, House District 33
Teresa Tanzi, House District 34
Kathleen Fogarty, House District 35
Deb Felella, House District 43*
Joshua Giraldo, House District 56
Karen Alzate, House District 60
Leonela Felix, House District 61*
Mary Duffy Messier, House District 62
Katherine Kazarian, House District 63
Brianna Henries, House District 64
Liana Cassar, House District 66
Jason Knight, House District 67
June Speakman, House District 68
Susan Donovan, House District 69*
Michelle McGaw, House District 71*
Terri Cortivriend, House District 72*
Deb Ruggiero, House District 74
Lauren Carson, House District 75

*Beat an NRA endorsed opponent

RI Senate

Maryellen Goodwin, Senate District 1
Ana Quezada, Senate District 2
Gayle Goldin, Senate District 3
Sam Bell, Senate District 5
Tiara Mack, Senate District 6
Sandra Cano, Senate District 8
Walter Felag, Senate District 10
James Seveney, Senate District 11
Louis DiPalma, Senate District 12
Dawn Euer, Senate District 13
Val Lawson, Senate District 14
Megan Kallman, Senate District 15
Jonathan Acosta, Senate District 16
Cynthia Mendes, Senate District 18
Ryan Pearson, Senate District 19
Melissa Murray, Senate District 24
Joshua Miller, Senate District 28*
Jeanine Calkin, Senate District 30
Kendra Anderson, Senate District 31*
Cynthia Coyne, Senate District 32
Bridget Valverde, Senate District 35*
Alana DiMario, Senate District 36*

*Beat an NRA endorsed opponent