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Celebrating Activism at Annual Thank You Party


CONTACT: Kat Kerwin, Director of Communications

Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Celebrates Activism at Annual Thank You Party

Providence, Rhode Island July 26, 2018 – The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence will celebrate their advocacy work with a volunteer thank you party this evening at 5:30PM at Hope and Main in Warren, Rhode Island.

The Coalition will honor two activists of the year, Michael Kraemer and Ramsey Davis, both tireless volunteers whose hours of work at late night hearings, lobby days, and rallies has helped legislators and voters alike understand the complexities of gun violence and the need for changes to our laws. Additionally, the Coalition will recognize Lynn Hughes and Carrie Webber, volunteers who have spent hours tireless working behind the scenes entering data and support the organization.

The Coalition is also excited to award youth activists Taiwo Demola and Grace Reed, young women who were instrumental in leading school walkouts and gun violence prevention actions in their respective communities following the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. Taiwo, who just graduated from Classical High School spoke at the RI State House in support of the Safe Schools Act “As a student in the era of mass shootings, I fear everyday that my peers and I will be put in danger because a lethal weapon will be brought to my school. I know that President Trump’s support of the NRA plan to arm teachers will only make this fear grow.”

Finally, the Coalition is excited to recognize Bally Humanufactured, artist Boris Bally’s organization that supports the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence by working at the crossroads of advocacy and art by organizing a contest for art related designs to be promoted by the Coalition for gun safety efforts. The Coalition  also would like to recognize the Cranston Action Network (CAN). CAN has been instrumental in the city of Cranston, doing grassroots work to organize and mobilize citizens from the city to be engaged in their community around gun safety issues.

Though the Coalition did not see all the legislative success that was expected this year in the failure to pass the Safe Schools Act and the Assault Weapon Ban, we are proud of the progress we were able to make in swaying public opinion, educating Rhode Islanders around the importance for gun safety policy, and engaging with a youth committee. We are thankful for the incredible volunteer activists and organizers who have committed to the gun violence prevention movement and we are optimistic that we will continue to make big strides in the future.

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