RICAGV Press Release


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

CONTACT: Kat Kerwin, Director of Communications

Providence, Rhode Island (June 23, 2020)– The full House and Senate passed Senator Coyne and Representative Serpa’s Ghost Gun Bill last Wednesday evening. The bill will prohibit the manufacturing, sale, transfer and possession of guns that may be made online with a 3D printer using a computer file. Governor Raimondo plans to sign the bill into law today at 3PM on Facebook live alongside the bill’s co-sponsors.

“3D” or “ghost guns” are harmful because they can be printed using the same plastic used to make legos and are undetectable, meaning they contain no serial number which can be used to easily trace a crime back to a terrorist, domestic abusers and felons.

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence is proud of the work of volunteers and advocates who showed up to testify, write letters, and urge legislators to support this live-saving initiative. We hope that the General Assembly will consider all of the gun safety measures that were introduced this session.