Former RICAGV Secretary Nan Heroux had an opinion piece published in the Newport Daily News online on April 19, 2022, supporting the Campaign for Gun Violence Prevention RI package of bills. Here we republish the letter:

Support firearm safety bills at RI State House

Endless news stories of shootings in our own state and so many others across this nation should remind us that the carnage in Ukraine isn’t the only atrocity of which we need to be mindful!

For over 10 years, I have been involved in working with the RI Coalition Against Gun Violence and other gun safety organizations to pass laws to reduce the cost of gun violence to those in the line of fire.

Often we hear the argument that gun laws are unconstitutional because of the Second Amendment. However, in 2008, the Supreme Court stated that the right to bear arms is not unlimited and can be regulated. In fact, under this decision (District of Columbia v. Heller), the Supreme Court ruled that it is constitutional to regulate guns such as the M16 (an assault weapon) and others like them.

Two gun laws being considered at the General Assembly are the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines (those holding over 10 rounds of ammunition).  This is the year that we must take action to get these bills passed!

There is a package of five gun safety bills being considered and for which we need your support. Please contact your representatives and let them know that you have heard enough news reports of shootings resulting in death and destruction in our state and our country. Tell them you want them to vote to enact the five gun bills listed below for the sake of our families and communities in Rhode Island.

The following are the five gun safety bills and their numbers (“S” is for Senate bill and “H” is for House bill):

Large Capacity Magazine Ban: S2653, H6614

Assault Weapon Ban: S2224, H6615

Safe Storage: S2734, H7300

No Long Guns In Public: S2825, H7358

21+ for Ammo: S2367, H7457

Nan Heroux, Middletown