Updated List of RI Resident Op Eds and Media Reports

The Newport Daily News, Article by Marcia Pobzeznik, Daily News Correspondent
May 30, 2019: Sanctuary proposal triggers debate

“When [Tiverton Police Chief] Jones was asked by deMedeiros what he would do if he had to store a large number of weapons, he replied: “With all due respect, I’ll send you the bill.”

The Westerly Sun, Op Ed by Cheryl J. Latos, Richmond Resident
May 14, 2019: ‘Sanctuary Town’ councilors should be removed
“What does the resolution mean? Do police still have to follow and enforce the law? Do the councilors who have, or will, vote to adopt the resolution know what they are voting for?”

630wpro.com, RI Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello
May 8, 2019: No sanctuary cities for anything

“My suggestion is that we don’t have sanctuary cities for anything,” Mattiello told Valicenti. “and that everyone follows every law. I think you’ll get rid of the fringes like that. If you invite one fringe on one side, you’re going to invite the opposite fringe on the other side.”