On the Fence on Gun Safety Reform

Please let Rep. Baginski know that you want her to urge leadership to put move Attorney General Neronha’s gun bills to the floor for debate and up-or-down votes.

RI Rep. Jacqueline Baginski of Cranston is on the Fence About Atty. Gen. Neronha's Gun Safety Bills

Rep.  Jacqueline Baginski, Democrat

House District 17, Cranston


(401) 310-0009


Hello, my name is [your name] and I am calling to ask your support votes for the Attorney General’s gun safety bills.

These gun bills have been held for consideration for years and are fully-vetted; please let Speaker Shekarchi and Majority Leader Blazejewski you support these bills:

HB5554 – Limiting Magazine Capacity

HB5556 – Regulating Assault Weapons

HB5555 – Prohibiting Guns in Schools

HB5386 – Cracking Down on Straw Buyers

HB5553 – Requiring Safe Firearm Storage

HB5969 – Prohibiting Long Guns in Public


Mail or Email

Mailing Address: 119 Brettonwoods Dr, Cranston, RI 02920

Email: rep-baginski@rilegislature.gov