FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, June 10, 2022
CONTACT: Sydney Montstream-Quas, RICAGV Board Chair,


Providence, Rhode Island (June 10, 2022) — The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (“RICAGV”) is teaming up with youth across Rhode Island to organize a rally at the Rhode Island State House this Saturday, June 11th at 12pm. The rally is part of a nation-wide movement by youth activists to share their feelings about the horrors of gun violence as part of the “active shooter drill” generation and demand change from legislators at the local, state, and federal level.

Where: Rhode Island State House

12:00 p.m.: Interview opportunities with speakers
12:15 p.m.: Speaking program begins

Speakers will include:

Jaliyah Joseph, Woonsocket High School student, Executive Director at Time to Run
Marissa Lescarbeau, CCRI student
Night Muningabo, RIC Student
Isis Grafals, Met High School student
Gabby Brown, Met High School student

As the fate of life-saving gun safety bills hang in the balance at the State House, it is important to hear from our youth, who have had to endure the lasting emotional effects of training to thwart a school shooter, in addition to the non-episodic gun violence that occurs with regularity in communities throughout Rhode Island.